The Business Summit honors its founders, and especially those who after 30 years of challenging post-communist transition, dream big and grow across Europe and the globe, to become tomorrow's multinationals. As a company with a goal of assisting those future multinationals in currency risk management, cross border transactions and cash management, iBanFirst turns currency into an opportunity and a region that is geopolitically fragile and vulnerable, into one that is becoming economically successful.

The event will be attended by entrepreneurs and managers from Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary who work in companies that have successfully expanded in the region and can now share the challenges and beauty of the process.

As a company whose mission is to help other companies expand their businesses internationally, iBanFirst will provide an overview of the main macroeconomic indicators in the region, the risks & challenges brought by local currencies when expanding abroad, and what international payments look like in the 21st century. In fact, international payments have never been as fast, easy, and transparent as nowadays.


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FROM A FRAGILE REGION TO AN AGILE BUSINESS (the stories of visionary founders, their innovative ideas, and expansion challenges);                                                       

THE BUSINESS OF BUILDING BUSINESSES (venture capital, private equity in the region);

BUILDING THE MULTINATIONALS OF TOMORROW (HR abilities & skills, business challenges & opportunities)

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Parteneri oficiali