TECH Start-ups in Romania 2022

Two years after the launch of the ZF IT Generation show dedicated to the tech start-up ecosystem and to discovering the future IT millionaires in Romania, where hundreds of tech entrepreneurs, as well as mentors, investment fund managers and other key members of the community have told their story, Ziarul Financiar is launching a new reference project for the tech ecosystem -  Yearbook of IT start-ups in Romania.

Launched at a time of expansion in full swing of the local tech start-up ecosystem, stimulated, among others, by the development of UiPath from a project that began, like many others, in an apartment in Bucharest to a global company listed in New York –– the ZF yearbook intends to provide an overview of the most promising tech projects in Romania, set to include the valuations start-ups have already received from investors.

ZF will not calculate the value of the start-ups but will scan the market mentioning all the tech projects that received a valuation in some form or another – whether a sale deal, the listing on a crowdfunding platform, listing on the stock market or financing from a group of investors – any deal/move that values a local technology project.

Considering the specificity of the segment - the ZF yearbook will allocate a separate chapter to crypto projects, precisely in order to serve the wider purpose of the catalog of providing an overview, a picture of the technology start-ups and companies. ​

The ZF yearbook does not intend to conduct its own valuation of the tech start-ups but bring into the spotlight the fascinating equation that leads to assigning a value to each tech company; the formulas will be left to decipher to the key actors in the ecosystem - venture capital firm managers, lawyers, consultants, founders.



The list of the most promising tech start-ups, including valuations from the market in various deals; a set of essential information about each start-up – valuation and its source, if any; product/ service provided and the market segment covered; the team of founders.

The ranking of the most promising crypto start-ups and their valuation by the market (if any); a set of essential information about each start-up.


Interviews with the main actors in the tech ecosystem about the criteria used when valuing companies.

As part of the project to compile the IT start-up in Romania yearbook, ZF will organize an Award Gala for the most promising tech start-ups in Romania, based on the data in the catalog – an event intended to become a reference for the local technology company ecosystem and provide a necessary reference of the development of the industry as of 2022.


The gala will not be just an opportunity to find out about and acknowledge the top performers in the local technology industry, but also an excellent opportunity to discuss and debate together with the key stakeholders in the ecosystem the main trends and developments in the market and the main challenges start-ups are facing.





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