Videoconference CFA Forecast Dinner 2022

The CFA Forecast Dinner has been a tradition for the last 16 years where members, associates, and leaders from the business and investment community assemble to hear prominent members from the financial world speak

The CFA Forecast Dinner is the foremost event of the year and a unique opportunity to network and obtain valuable industry knowledge amongst peers and advanced practitioners from across the financial service and investment management industries

The core macroeconomic expectations for the year 2021 were presented during the 15th edition of CFA Society Romania’s Forecast Dinner - “The Path towards a Healthy and Sustainable Economy".

The discussions focused on the economic recovery following a difficult year and the development of a healthy, stable and well-structured economy that responds as good as possible to the needs of the society. Other essential topics of interest to the financial world such as behavioral finance and the green economy were also addressed.




Parteneri oficiali
Parteneri oficiali