ZIARUL FINANCIAR invites you to Videoconference CFA Forecast Dinner 2022 to debate the following topics:

Climate change is no longer solely a societal and geopolitical concern - it reaches the very heart of the investment industry. 


ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) factors start to take a toll on investment decisions. Investment managers all over the world become increasingly wary of their role in modeling responsible behaviour of listed companies. 


Moreover, the current energy crisis acts as a wake-up call for Romania and Europe, which are increasingly dependent on gas suppliers from outside the EU, but energy transition plans are underway. Higher energy prices are affecting consumers and industry, leading to a surge in inflation and significant changes in the money markets.

Join us for a special online evening dedicated to investing in the changing world. We will learn from the experts compelling answers to a wide range of questions


Main topics:

  • Energy investments – highlights and trends
  • Forecast for 2022

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Parteneri oficiali